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We have been associated with i2xtraders for the last 12 years. The team of i2xtraders is very helpful and they understand the exact nature of our business.
Mr Sajid
We have been working with i2xtraders for the past 4 years. i2xtraders has helped us launched the digital platform. There is always interaction from their team on how to do things better, how to do things differently.
Mr Ahmad

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We help you weather today's uncertainty through our best team.

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Business-to-business (B2B), also called B-to-B, is a form of transaction between businesses, such as one involving a manufacturer and wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer. Business-to-business refers to business that is conducted between companies, rather than between a company and individual consumer.

B2B is more common than you think in our modern world. Services like Dropbox, General Electric, Xerox and WeWork are great examples of modern day application of B2B companies.

B2B stands for 'business to business' while B2C is 'business to consumer' . B2B ecommerce utilises online platforms to sell products or services to other businesses. B2C ecommerce targets personal consumers.

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